How to take jeans down 🥝 at home

Today, wide flared jeans are gradually getting out of fashion, and many are thinking about how to narrow the jeans from below at home, to give them a second wind and turn them back into a fashionable style without an atelier. The process of narrowing itself depends not only on the style and style of the trousers, but also on the fabric from which they are sewn. Today we will tell a life hack how to make narrow jeans out of wide jeans simply, quickly and at no additional cost.

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How to make jeans already below?

Refreshing your wardrobe and properly narrowing women's and men's jeans to make fashionable leggings or stylish skinny jeans is easy, just a little patience and perseverance is needed.

For work you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Sewing machine with threads matching the color of the trousers.
  • Pins
  • Needle with threads (any color).
  • Overlock or overlock foot for a typewriter.
  • Tailor's scissors.
  • Chalk or quality soap.
  • Ruler or tape measure.
  • Iron.

There are several ways to solve the problem, the main thing is to do everything carefully and carefully so as not to spoil the thing.


Method number 1. Plain

Jeans should be sutured at the inner seams of the trousers, since finishing stitches pass along the outer side seams.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Spread the bottom of the pants, as the model of the new jeans provides for a narrower bottom.
  2. Iron with steam an allowance for the bottom of the trousers so that creases are not visible.
  3. Turn the jeans inside out.
  4. Put the product on you and measure the places where you need to sew. Using the pins, chop the trousers along the line of the future inner seam.
  5. Look carefully at whether the length and width are right for you, and whether there is any inconvenience when walking or sitting. If everything suits you, then take off your jeans.
  6. Lay the product on a flat surface and straighten all folds and bumps.
  7. Sew with chalk or soap, draw lines along the marks laid with pins, sweep the line along the line with a “sewing” seam or a “needle forward” seam.
  8. Try on the product again, make changes and eliminate defects. If the trousers are longer than you need, then you should shorten them first, and then take them off.
  9. Take off your trousers and mark the new lines with chalk, backing off the allowance 1.5 cm from the sewing line.
  10. Cut off the excess fabric with scissors.
  11. Overlock the overlock on the front halves of the leg. The threads should be in the color of the fabric.
  12. Iron the finished seams with an iron on the back halves of the leg. For this purpose, you can use a special pad-sleeve, which is attached to the ironing board. You can use a homemade pillow.
  13. Sew the product along the intended lines. Try to connect the old and new seams smoothly, without a noticeable transition between them.
  14. Align the lower sections on the trousers, outline chalk allowances on the bottom 3-4 cm.
  15. Select the threads for processing the bottom of the trousers in the color of the finishing stitch.
  16. Fold the bottom along the chalk line, sew on the front side with finishing threads on the machine (0.4 cm stitch width).
  17. After processing the bottom of the trousers, process the finishing stitch with an iron using a sleeve block or pad.
  18. Remove the extra thread that you were sewing. Turn out the jeans and try on. If they sit perfectly and the result satisfies you, iron them, and wear trendy and stylish trousers, to the envy of everyone.

Important! To make the finishing stitch more dense and expressive, thread two bobbins with the same color into the upper thread. Put the thread in the color of the fabric in the shuttle - there the thread should be single.


Method number 2. We use old skinny jeans

This method practically repeats the whole procedure of method No. 1, with the only difference being that old narrow ones that fit perfectly in the figure are superimposed on top of the wide trousers. Then marking of the new seams is made relatively narrow models. After that, the lines are swept away, and the jeans are tried on. If everything suits you, then start sewing by cutting off the excess fabric and processing the allowances on the overlock.

Or maybe it's time to use the pants in another way, without wasting time sewing them and hemming? Think about it, because we offer many interesting ideas,what can be done from old jeans, with detailed workshops!


Method number 3. We use a pattern

This method is the most difficult, because for its implementation it is necessary to spread wide jeans and, suitable in size, narrow, to patterns. However, this method will help to achieve maximum and high quality results.

The essence of this method: the pattern of tight jeans is completely transferred to the fabric of wide trousers, then the patterns are marked with chalk on the fabric and additional allowances for the seams are made. After that, you should cut off the excess fabric and grind off the pattern.

To keep your pants longer durable, practical and beautiful, and you do not spend much time caring for them, read the recommendations abouthow to wash jeans in a washing machine. You will not have problems with the care of denim things!


Additional decor

If you want to not only narrow the jeans with your own hands, but also to make an original designer item from a regular wardrobe item, you can insert a strip of leather into the side seam, suede or lace. For this:

  1. Turn the jeans inside out and measure on both sides of the leg the places that need to be sutured.
  2. Remove jeans and draw seam lines along the marks.
  3. After grinding the legs, draw the lines along which you want to cut off the excess, making allowances for seams 1-1.5 cm, cut off the excess fabric.
  4. Cut a strip from any fabric you like.
  5. The pattern is a triangle with a base of 5-10 cm and a height equal to the distance from the narrowing to the bottom of the leg.
  6. Insert strips of fabric into the leggings and grind them.
  7. Work on the bottom of the trousers.

Find out more interesting ideas, how to update jeans.



Or maybe you found old trousers and want to deal with them more radically? To perfectly fit them in your figure, read our post"How to reduce jeans by size at home?"

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How to tighten the bottom jeans at home without a sewing machine?

Fashion dictates its conditions, so many are now trying to look beautiful, stylish, youth. If you want to make the jeans narrow at the bottom, but you don’t have the skills to work with a sewing machine, then you can use the simple way of wrapping excess fabric on your pants.

This option of narrowing the trousers will take you no more than two minutes, if you proceed as follows:

  1. Put on your pants, stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Pull one leg up to the required width with one hand.
  3. Holding the trouser leg with the fingers of one hand, wrap the excess tissue to the right or left, as you prefer, with the other hand.
  4. Wrap the bottom of the leg once, fixing the embedded tissue. You can wrap the bottom and two times, if the length allows.
  5. Evaluate the result - if such a width satisfies you, then do the same manipulations with another leg.
  6. Experiment with the height of the trousers, their width until the result is completely satisfactory.


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How to tighten jeans at home by size?

There may be many reasons why we want to change the wardrobe. Here are just a few of them:

  • Often, purchased clothing does not sit on the figure as it would be desirable, since any wardrobe item is cut and sewn according to certain standards.And if the trousers are a little too big for you, then you can take them in a size smaller so that they look perfect.
  • The figure of a person is prone to changes, and when the clothes become large, you can alter them in order to continue to wear your favorite thing further.

We will tell further about how to sew trousers one size smaller. But before you radically change the look of your pants, check out which is better to choose a jeans style for different types of figures.


Reduce pants at the waist

First of all, it is necessary to decide where it is necessary to suture the product. Indeed, in addition to style, it is necessary to determine the purpose of adjusting the size. For example, if straight-cut jeans of medium width become too big at the waist, then the following algorithm should be applied:

  1. Turn the product inside out.
  2. Step back from the middle seam at the back by 7 cm in both directions, at this distance open the belt.
  3. Spread the step seam about 8 cm.
  4. Spread the middle seam.
  5. From the wrong side, mark the places of suturing with pins, draw lines with chalk.
  6. Sew along the marked lines. If necessary, duplicate the seam with double stitching.
  7. Trim the excess fabric on the belt, sew it on.


How to sew pants on the sides?

Agree, sagging tissue in the hips does not give attractive appearance. To sew pants on the sides so that they fit on the figure, as follows:

  1. Try on the pants, putting them inside out, mark with pins how many centimeters you want to remove on the sides.
  2. Chalk narrowing lines.
  3. Open the belt over the side seams.
  4. Spread the side seams yourself.
  5. Sweep the product along the lines marked on the preliminary fitting.
  6. Try on a thing, evaluate the look. If everything suits you, then proceed to sewing.
  7. Sew seams on the typewriter.
  8. Reduce the belt by cutting off the excess fabric, sew it on the jeans.
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There are a lot of styles of jeans - from very narrowed models to straight and wide ones. Do not be afraid to experiment, change the style of the trousers, their width as you wish, taste, and then you will always look fashionable, stylish and elegant!

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