How to wash paraffin

Did you spend a romantic evening by candlelight or undergo a planned blackout? One way or another, in the morning you will find “pleasant traces” of the evening: drops of paraffin on a tablecloth, carpet, furniture, household items. What to do and how to wash paraffin, because these spots are very stable and difficult to remove. If you make candles with your own hands, clothes and utensils are also subject to such a fate. How to save things from drops of wax, if they have eaten tight, how to wash a new pan from paraffin? Do not throw these things away, better fight for their “life”! To solve these issues and unpleasant problems at home, we will give you some useful tips and tricks.

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What is paraffin wax?

How to wash paraffinMaterial for candles is a product derived from oil and ozokerite. It is odorless, tasteless, greasy to the touch, very similar in texture to wax and melts at a temperature of 50-70 ° C, but does not dissolve in water.

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How to wash paraffin?

To quickly cope with the problem of removing wax marks on dishes, tiles, leather and other objects, we recommend you several options that you probably have at hand. Depending on the type of surface on which paraffin has got, choose more comfortable for you.

You will need:

  • source of fire;
  • large capacity with water;
  • plastic knife, card, CD;
  • iron washcloth;
  • soda ash;
  • dishwashing detergent;
  • rag, rags;
  • vegetable oil;
  • paper napkins, towels, newspapers;
  • turpentine;
  • alcohol;
  • denatured alcohol;
  • ice;
  • iron;
  • hair dryer;
  • a vacuum cleaner.
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How to wash dishes from paraffin?

Most often, candles are placed in different dishes, so as not to stain the furniture with dripping drops. It is easy to wash the wax from the dishes if you know which methods to use for this.

Method 1

This option is suitable for plastic, metal, glass and Teflon-coated cookware.

Since paraffin, having hardened to the surface, quickly hardens, it can simply be scraped off:

  1. Tuck the edge of the paraffin stain with a plastic object.
  2. Remove the main body.
  3. Scrape it off carefully.
  4. Use a hair dryer to heat the surface to be cleaned.
  5. Remove residue with a paper towel.

Important! Do not use sharp or iron objects when cleaning to avoid damage to the surface.

Method 2

To remove wax from dishes, use hot water:

  1. Place a container of water on the fire.
  2. Put the dishes soiled in paraffin in it.
  3. Add detergent.
  4. Bring to a boil.
  5. Drain the water.
  6. Rinse the dishes under hot water.
  7. Wipe with a cotton rag.

Important! The effect will be greater if you use soda ash instead of detergent.

Method 3

Wash off paraffin stains with soda and an iron washcloth:

  1. Scrape off the main part of paraffin with a plastic object - a card, a spatula.
  2. Put a little soda on a washcloth, erase the remaining traces.
  3. Wash the surface under running hot water.
  4. Polish with dishwashing detergent.
  5. Rinse.

Important! Every housewife from time to time has to solve various household problems, especially with regard to kitchen utensils.Keep a few good tips for caring for your dishes:

Method 4

How to wash paraffinUse hot steam:

  1. Put a kettle of water on the fire.
  2. Take the dishes soiled in paraffin or wax, substitute it under steam.
  3. Wipe molten paraffin with paper towels or towels.
  4. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Important! Carefully use this method for glass so that it does not crack; before exposure to steam, dip the object in hot water.

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How to remove the pan from paraffin?

To dissolve the wax and wash the container in which paraffin or wax was melted:

  1. Put the container on fire.
  2. When the paraffin has begun to melt, add vegetable oil to it.
  3. Mix into a homogeneous substance.
  4. Use a newspaper or rags to remove paraffin oil.
  5. Rinse off residues with hot water and detergent.
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How to wash paraffin from fabric coatings?

To remove a paraffin stain from simple fabrics with a non-lint texture, we recommend several options.

Option 1

  1. Apply a patch of several layers of tissue paper, toilet paper or a cotton cloth to the stain.
  2. Heat the iron.
  3. Press it against the gasket, under the influence of high temperature the paraffin melts and absorbs into the paper.
  4. Repeat until the gasket is dry.
  5. After this procedure, a greasy stain will remain on the fabric, to remove it, take laundry soap or concentrated detergent.
  6. Apply to stain.
  7. Leave for a while for exposure.
  8. Wash in the washing machine.

Important! Try not to go beyond the edges of the gasket with an iron.

Option 2

This method excludes the use for synthetic fabrics:

  1. From the wrong side, under the stain, put a cotton rag soaked in methylated spirits.
  2. Put a layer of blotting paper on the stain from the front.
  3. Iron with a hot iron.
  4. Change the paper until the grease stain protrudes from the surface.
  5. Soak a cotton swab in refined gasoline.
  6. Blot a greasy stain on the fabric.
  7. Wash your own way

Option 3

If the spot is small:

  1. Take the paraffin-stained thing.
  2. Put it in a plastic bag.
  3. Place the bag in the freezer.
  4. When paraffin becomes brittle, break it into small pieces.
  5. Remove with a soft brush.

Option 4

How to wash paraffinIf you have a delicate item, use concentrated dishwashing detergents:

  1. Apply a thick layer of the product on the stain.
  2. Leave for a few hours.
  3. Wash the item in the washing machine using a stain remover.

Important! When finishing washing, be sure to consider the rules for cleaning different materials. The recommendations from our article will help you with this. “How and how to wash clothes from different fabrics?”.

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How to wash paraffin from fleecy fabrics?

To wash paraffin with plush and velvet, use turpentine:

  1. Scrape off the paraffin from the cloth, brush off.
  2. Soak a cotton swab in turpentine.
  3. Apply a stain to the remains, gently rub.
  4. Wash in the washing machine using a stain remover.

Important! Before using the substance, be sure to test in an inconspicuous area of ​​the product.

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How to wash paraffin wax with suede?

First try wiping the wax with a gauze swab dipped in turpentine or alcohol.

If you can’t get a quality result, do the following:

  1. Boil the kettle.
  2. Keep the contaminated place above the steam.
  3. Make a solution of water and ammonia in 1 liter of water 0.5 tsp. ammonia.
  4. Treat the stain.
  5. Brush for suede.
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How to wash paraffin wax from a carpet?

The carpet can also suffer from wax, but drops can be quickly removed quickly using the following methods.

Method 1

The cold will come to your aid.Of course, you can’t put a carpet in the freezer, but use ice as an alternative:

  1. In order not to wet the carpet, put pieces of ice in a plastic bag.
  2. Attach the package to the stain for a while.
  3. When the paraffin has hardened, grind the paraffin into small fragments using a heavy object.
  4. Clean the carpet with a stiff brush.
  5. Vacuum.

Method 2

  1. Remove paraffin if possible.
  2. Put on a stain a white cotton rag folded in several layers.
  3. Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard a little more than a stain.
  4. Put the cardboard on the cloth.
  5. Apply hot iron to this structure with pressing movements.
  6. Make sure that the bottom of the iron does not go beyond the edges of the cardboard and does not touch the pile of the carpet.
  7. Change the fabric until there is no longer a greasy trace
  8. Brush with a stiff brush.

Important! Caring for the carpets in the house should be regular, otherwise - the coatings will accumulate dirt, dust, small debris, as well as become sources of unpleasant odors. To prevent this from happening and not to bore yourself with time-consuming homework, look at a few simple ways, how to quickly and efficiently clean a carpet.

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How to wash the wax from the skin?

If you decide not to use the services of a beauty salon, but to do your own hair removal, be prepared for the fact that after the procedure on your skin there will be traces of wax. What to do in this case?

Method 1

  1. Soak a cotton swab in vegetable or cosmetic oil.
  2. Rub the contaminated area until all traces of wax are completely removed.

Method 2

As an option, cosmetic milk or cream will come to your aid:

  1. Apply the product to the stained area.
  2. Leave for a while.
  3. Use a cotton swab to clean the wax residue.
  4. Rinse with warm water.

Method 3

  1. Wipe the contaminated area with alcohol.
  2. After the procedure, lubricate the skin with oil or a moisturizer.
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Useful Tips

  1. Work carefully with hot water to prevent burns.
  2. Observe safety precautions when using electrical household appliances.
  3. When using chemicals, ventilate the room.
  4. Use personal protective equipment - gloves.
  5. To avoid irritation and other allergic reactions when removing wax from the skin:
    • Do not rinse the wax off with hot water.
    • Do not rub the skin with a hard washcloth.
    • Do not use acetone.
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Use the methods recommended by us regarding how to wash paraffin from this or that surface, and your things will serve you and please your look for a long time!

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