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Hand wash with soap has long been a thing of the past. Of course, this approach is used when it is necessary to remove fresh, or vice versa - very old spots on individual things. But in most cases, everyone is used to using washing machines and powders for them. But if a couple of decades ago on the shelves you could find 3-5 types of such chemistry, then the modern variety will confuse anyone. An unlimited number of flavors, types of powders by purpose, effect, fabric, as well as countless brands. It will help you figure out which is better to buy what kind of washing powder, the rating of the most popular options. This is what this article will be about.

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A little bit about the composition

What is washing powder? - By and large, this is a mixture of different chemicals that are designed to solve a particular problem. For manufacturers of washing powders, an important task is to draw up the correct chemical formula, in which the active substances will be optimally combined.

Let us briefly consider the main components of such household chemicals, because this is one of the important factors in the rating of washing powders.

So what we have:

  • Surfactant is the active basis of any washing powder. The task of the surfactant is to remove dirt particles from the tissue and keep them in solution, preventing their re-deposition on the fabric.
  • Phosphates - enhance the action of surfactants, eliminating water hardness, provide fabric softening after washing, and also protect the spiral of the washing machine from scale.

Important! Today there are already on sale excellent phosphate-free powderssafer to human health. And the problem of water hardness in this case is also not difficult to solve. Read about it in our separate publication. "Water softening".

  • Alkaline components - also enhance the action of surfactants, contributing to an increase in pH. The simplest example is soda and water glass.
  • Optical brighteners - create the illusion of snow-white linen.
  • Oxygen-containing bleaches - remove stains of plant origin, such as wine, fruits, as well as refresh fabrics.
  • Enzymes or enzymes - remove stains of organic pollution, as well as refresh tissues and prevent the appearance of spools on things.
  • Antisorbents - help to keep particles of dirt in the solution, preventing their re-deposition on the fabric fibers.
  • Fragrances and fragrances - neutralizes unpleasant odors and add freshness to the laundry. The washing quality is not affected.
  • Antifoam agents - are part of the powders intended for washing in an automatic machine. They prevent the formation of large amounts of foam, since such a phenomenon is detrimental to the mechanisms of the washing machine.
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What are the cleaning products?

The rating of washing powders can be made, first of all, by the popularity of the application:

  • The most widely used are powdered detergents, which have recently been produced in the form of granules, for greater convenience and less dusting. They are very convenient to use when washing everyday items (bedding, clothes).
  • For washing things from silk or wool, it is recommended to use liquid detergents that do not contain enzymes and carefully remove dirt from the fabric without damaging its fibers. Liquid detergents are also effective in washing lightly soiled laundry. In more detail, this type of product and the best tools from different manufacturers, we examined in a separate article "Liquid powder".
  • In expensive stores, a new type of detergent has also appeared - tablets. Their main difference is ease of dosing and cost-effectiveness. And there is washing capsules.
  • One of the varieties of powdered detergents are concentrates. They contain the same active substances, but in a higher concentration, so less powder is used for one wash.

Important! Concentrates are available as a detergent only for automated washing machines. They are expensive, but with the right dosage, the cost of one concentrate wash does not exceed the cost of washing with an expensive washing powder. Such products are presented by four manufacturers: Frosch, Luxus, Persil, Reflect, the first three are made in Germany, and the last - in Australia.

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Which powder is better in quality? - Rating: TOP-10

And now let's look at the rating of washing powders by quality:

  • 10th place was taken by Ariel Active Gel. This is a liquid detergent in water-soluble capsules, which are placed in the drum with the laundry, one capsule is used for one wash. It is used for washing colored linen from natural and artificial fabrics and leaves a pleasant smell after washing, which does not wash off when rinsing.
  • 9th place was taken by concentrated Reflect powder, which contains enzymes. They remove any kind of stains. It can be used at any temperature and for any kind of fabric.
  • 8th place was taken by BOS “Plus Max”, which is not an ordinary powder, but a bleach with the functions of a powder. It bleaches all types of fabrics even at low temperatures. It contains active oxygen, so the bleach effectively removes all types of contaminants.
  • 7th place was taken by Laska “Radiance of color” liquid detergent, which is well suited for washing delicate fabrics, silk and wool products, does not damage the fabric structure and protects the color of your favorite things.
  • 6th place in the ranking of washing powders is Tide “Color Automatic”, which is used for all types of fabric. It perfectly removes the most difficult spots and preserves the structure of the fabric. But it has one significant drawback - it is poorly washed from the fabric and it is advisable to start an additional rinse during washing.
  • 5th place was taken by Frosch “Color Aloe Vera” powder, which erases at a temperature of 30 to 60 degrees. The formula with Aloe Vera gives not only a deep cleansing of the fabric fibers, but also the protection of their color, but is not suitable for washing wool and silk fabrics. This powder is hypoallergenic.
  • 4th place in the rating of washing powders is Ariel “Mountain Spring” powder, which is very popular. It is suitable for washing light and colored linen, has a pleasant smell and provides high-quality removal of various stains. This powder is especially suitable for cotton products. It also protects the metal parts of the washing machine from corrosion.
  • 3rd place is occupied by “Losk 9 Avtomat”, which is well suited for washing colored clothes made from natural and synthetic fabrics, excluding silk and wool. The composition includes 9 components that provide effective stain removal of any complexity.
  • On the 2nd place in the rating of washing powders is “Eared Nanny”, which is suitable even for washing children's clothes, as it is safe and hypoallergenic. But at the same time, he copes even with stubborn spots. Does not contain soap, so it is quickly rinsed out of clothing. Provides a safe wash for your machine.
  • 1st place in the ranking of washing powders is “Sarma”. This powder is suitable for both cotton and synthetic fabrics. Its composition includes bleaches that remove even old stains and give the sheets a radiant whiteness.

Important! To use the selected tool correctly, read also our other publications:

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Which baby powder is better? - Rating of popular products

Skin is an organism’s barrier that does not allow harmful substances to pass through, but in babies this barrier is very weak.Therefore, it is very important to choose the right powder for washing children's things, so as not to provoke allergic reactions in the baby.

Important! There are cases when, from poor-quality powders, a child had problems with the liver and kidneys, as well as metabolic disturbances.

The safest means are children's brands, which produce goods only for babies. Laundry detergents for washing children's things should be not only harmless, but also effective.

We bring to your attention the rating of children's washing powders:

  1. The first place in our rating is occupied by the concentrated concentrated product “Our Mother”. It is hypoallergenic, has silver ions, and has antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Contains decoctions of chamomile and string, suitable for washing children's clothes from the first days of life. The tool does not cause allergies and effectively copes with pollution.
  2. The second place is occupied by the World of Childhood powder, which is made from natural children's soap and does not cause allergies in children; it copes well with the stains characteristic of newborns. But here are more complex spots, such as traces of grass or juices, it does not wipe off, since it does not include chemical bleaches. It has antibacterial properties, is suitable for soaking diapers and does not dry out the skin of hands during hand washing. The only drawback is difficult rinsing.
  3. Laundry detergent "Aistenok". Most parents choose it, because it copes not only with characteristic infantile impurities, but also perfectly cleans stains from starch, grass, fruits. The laundry after washing is soft, delicate and odorless. Hypoallergenic powder, Aloe Vera extract included in its composition has a softening effect and works as a conditioner.
  4. “Tide” for children. Designed for sensitive skin of babies, therefore, it includes chamomile extract and aloe vera. But it is not suitable for newborns, because very often complaints from parents about allergic reactions come. But for older children, it is perfect, removes all the stains that your prankster puts, and he will also protect the washing machine from scale.
  5. Eared Nannies is a manufacturer that produces only baby chemicals, but the powder is not recommended for newborns and children suffering from allergies. But the powder copes well with any dirt, does not damage the structure of the fabric, while being well rinsed, washed even at low temperatures.
  6. “Children's myth. Gentle freshness ”cleans white linen well, but is completely unsuitable for washing silk or wool.
  7. "Peanut". It takes the last place, because despite the fact that the box says that it is suitable for newborns, it often gives allergies. In addition, it is not suitable for hand washing.

Important! Choosing a low-quality powder can harm your child’s health, so be careful when choosing a powder. Even better - use our recipes to make yourself safe detergents with your own hands:

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We hope that our rating of washing powders has helped you more clearly understand the features of every detergent that is popular today. In practical terms, you will probably be able to choose the powder that will satisfy you according to all the criteria.

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