Shoe cream - which is better?

When buying shoes, we are sure that they will always be stylish, comfortable, of high quality. And I want her to remain so for several years. In order for such wishes to come true, shoes must be properly looked after. A lot of funds are being released, and you need to decide on a shoe polish - which is better and which top cream, how to choose correctly, use and store it. In this article, we will deal with this so that you no longer have doubts.

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We will deal with the composition

To care for rubber shoes or leather products does not require special efforts. They can be put in order with glycerin or vegetable oil. But the care of leather goods is more complex, painstaking.

The best shoe polish consists of:

  • Wax;
  • Animal fats;
  • Solvent;
  • Dyes.

All these components are designed to cleanse, nourish, and tint the skin:

  • Wax is the main ingredient. Thanks to it, not only moisture, dust are removed, but also shine appears.

Important! Natural wax can be hard (vegetable) or soft (animal).

  • Now practiced adding to the composition of fats, oils. Such components have a good effect on worn shoes, in which the skin is no longer so elastic, soft. Thanks to such components, the skin is protected from rain, as well as snow, even chemical reagents, which are strewed with roads with ice.
  • The composition of water creams includes turpentine, water, emulsified wax. They are suitable for different seasons.
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Choosing a good cream

When choosing shoe polish, it is necessary to consider:

  • Skin qualities;
  • Weather conditions.

Important! For care in the autumn-winter period, you should opt for dense, fatter creams.

Care products are available only in specialized stores. A high-quality cream has a sharp, not very pleasant smell. A high-quality coating looks like a homogeneous mass, in which there are no lumps, a film, the color is even, the same.

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Manufacturers rating

Based on the opinions of experts, as well as consumer reviews, a shoe creams rating is compiled.


Very popular brand. Its main characteristics are availability, efficiency and economical consumption. After applying the composition, it is absorbed and dries quickly.

Important! The cream is easy to apply, the shoes become shiny, and a water-repellent effect appears.


Such a spray paint is an economical and affordable tool for suede. With it, you can get rid of scuffs, paint over defects, return the villi to their original shape. After applying the product on shoes, moisture, salt and ultraviolet are not harmful.

Important! After the surface has been treated, be sure to comb the fibers with a special suede brush.


Most consumers believe that this is the best shoe polish made from genuine leather. Thanks to the safe natural wax, a water-repellent film forms on the surface. Shoes become shiny again, all abrasions are effectively painted over.

Important! Salamander can be used to treat natural and patent leather, suede and nubucktextile. It is only necessary to read carefully on the tube the specific recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the materials.


Niki Line

With the help of such German tools you can process a variety of materials - nubuck, suede, textiles and even fur.Defects and abrasions disappear on the shoe, it looks completely new.

Important! The only drawback is the high cost.

Collonil nanopro

The products of this manufacturer are universal - they can be used both for shoes and for clothes. Due to the eco-friendly composition, care is carried out carefully, dirt and dust are removed efficiently, the product becomes brilliant.

Important! To care for shoes, you can use not only cream, but also sprays, oils and special shampoos, milk and balms.

What is the best shoe polish? The rating, of course, will show, but you should focus on your own experience.

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Shoe Care Rules

When caring for leather shoes, it is important to follow the basic rules:

  • Before applying the cream, remove dirt from the products and dry them thoroughly;
  • For good absorption, the product will need about ten hours, otherwise - in bad weather, it will simply be washed off;
  • To wipe dense skin once a week, use refined gasoline, which removes dirt and dirt from the pores.

Important! After using the cream, the jar must be closed tightly. Otherwise, it will dry out and you will not be able to use it.

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Restore the properties of the cream

If you find out which shoe polish is the best, but it is already dry, you can “reanimate” it. For this:

  • The mass is diluted with glycerin, petroleum jelly or turpentine (a few drops) and heated slightly until smooth in a water bath.
  • To restore the light cream, milk is added to the mass and also slightly warmed up. In addition, you can add fresh colorless cream and mix everything thoroughly.
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Stock footage

According to experts, it is important to choose the right cream - it must match the material from which the shoes are made. Do not use products that have expired. In such matters, it is better not to save and spend money on a new high-quality tool.

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