DIY transforming furniture - drawings and assembly diagrams

Modern transforming furniture is made in a huge number of variations and designs. It allows you to significantly save usable space, which is especially true for our small-sized apartments. This is an ideal solution with an insufficient amount of space, when it is necessary to place in one room a lot of furniture necessary for a normal existence. In this article we will give examples of how do-it-yourself transformer furniture is made, drawings and assembly diagrams.

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The main advantages of transforming furniture

Today you will learn how do-it-yourself transformer furniture is made. Drawings should be selected, depending on the type of headset. But first, let's look at the indisputable advantages of transforming furniture items:

  • High rates of operational convenience. Even a beginner is able to disassemble and assemble such mechanisms.
  • Incredible compactness. Such furniture can be put even in a small corner of the room.
  • Ample opportunities to transform home interior.
  • The ability to combine two rooms in one room. That is, you can connect a children's and adult bedroom, living room and bedroom.
  • A wide variety of design options for beds, sofas, transforming chairs.
  • The ability to fulfill any idea with your own hands in the presence of some skills and materials.
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Making a transforming bed

A transforming bed is the most striking example of how to properly manage the available space, to save usable space, while not getting rid of the most important things in the interior. She will be in the room, but will not take up too much space, will not displace other necessary furniture. Let's take a closer look at how to make a functional and comfortable convertible bed for a small apartment with your own hands.

Perform the manufacture of a transforming bed according to this instruction:

  • First of all, make a diagram or use a ready-made drawing for the manufacture of such a transforming bed. It is important that the drawing includes the most accurate measurements, all elements, dimensions, shelves, additional boxes. That is, you need a detailed work plan.

Important! Be sure to buy a mattress with a special orthopedic base, because this is the main element in such transformer furniture.

  • Prepare the required number of slats. They should be enough to lay the mattress to support the load on the bed. In addition, they should be easy to install.
  • The base of the transformer furniture is installed on wooden blocks, so keep this in mind, because they must cope with the weight of the intended users.
  • Mark the side parts of the furniture, assemble all the elements in a single design.
  • Install the front panel over the bed, as it will act as the bottom of the bed.
  • Secure the transformer bed body to the wall with dowels and anchors. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a sufficiently strong wall.
  • Then connect the body to the bed.To do this, prepare lifting mechanisms, preferably gas, because they are better at manifesting themselves in terms of lifting and lowering heavy structures.
  • If you plan to store things at the bottom of such transformer furniture, then pre-mark it, fasten the shelves, drawers, attach handles, set the snap mechanisms.
  • Cover the bottom of the bed with a durable laminated sheet.

This is the easiest option on how to make a transforming bed with your own hands. Drawings can be selected any at your discretion, in this regard, be guided by your own capabilities and skills.

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DIY convertible wardrobe bed

Such furniture can last more than fifty years. Since the advent of such models, their design has changed dramatically - they can be displayed vertically and horizontally, be two-tiered, with a huge number of additional functions.

Important! Vertical beds are considered traditional. Horizontal models are ideal for narrow rooms with low ceilings.

Let's take a closer look at how a cabinet-bed-transformer is made with your own hands. The drawings that we will use consist of four main components:

  • Lifting gear.
  • Magnetic closure to prevent the bed from falling out.
  • Frame.
  • Cupboard.

Preparation of necessary tools

Prepare the following DIY tools for making transformer furniture:

  • Centimeter tape measure.
  • Construction level, square.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Electric drill.
  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Grinding machine.
  • Hex keys.
  • Screwdriver Set.

Important! You can get a mattress right away, the main thing is that it matches the structural dimensions of the cabinet frame and bed.


Transformer bed assembly process

Assemble such transformer furniture according to this instruction:

  • Frame assembly. The frame will consist of four boards of the same height, serving as sides for the bed. Try to make a rectangle with even corners. Connect the frames with wooden pins smeared with glue. Once the glue has dried, fasten the base with self-tapping screws and furniture corners. You can additionally nail a rail with a section of 100 by 50 mm around the perimeter to make a certain limiter for the mattress.
  • Assembling the base for the bed. Make it from a solid plywood sheet or knock it out of planks.
  • Assembly of the frame for the cabinet. Fasten the frame parts in the same way as fastening the bed frame parts.

Important! To prevent the cabinet from falling to the floor when tilting the base, use metal furniture corners. Position the fasteners on each side as high as possible.

  • Feet for a berth. Make them from wooden beams and furniture hinges to make them recessed.
  • Installation of furniture mechanisms. Install the piston or spring mechanism according to the manufacturer's instructions.

As a result of all the above manipulations, you will get a durable, beautiful, multi-functional design - do-it-yourself wardrobe-bed-transformer.

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DIY convertible chair

Such a chair can be used as a complete separate piece of furniture, which is important for small rooms. This is the most successful combination of a bed and a place to relax, which allows us to organize useful space ergonomically. Buying such a thing in its finished form is unprofitable, so it is better to make a transforming chair with your own hands.

Preparatory stage

From the list, buy the necessary materials:

  • Particleboard, fiberboard sheets.
  • Wooden bars.
  • Plywood.
  • Foam rubber.
  • Hinges.
  • Furniture screws.
  • Sandpaper.
  • PVA glue.
  • Upholstery fabric.

Tools for the manufacture of such transforming furniture will come in handy as follows:

  • Roulette or a long ruler.
  • Construction stapler, staples.
  • A simple pencil.
  • Hacksaw.
  • Scissors.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Sewing machine to create a cover for furniture.


Making a transforming chair

The manufacturing process of such a variant of furniture-transformer step by step is as follows:

  • To create the body of the transforming chair, measure the sheets of plywood, fiberboard and particleboard.

Important! The plywood will be used to make the folding part, chipboard will go to the back, bottom and sides.

  • Using screws, connect the side parts to the back and bottom.
  • From the bars, make two frames corresponding to the length and width of the seat. Attach plywood to them.
  • On the sides of the transformer chair, attach steel circuits equipped with through loops so that the chair in the finished form unfolds evenly.
  • For the size of the product, measure pieces of foam rubber with a height of 2-3 cm, glue them to the top of the frame.
  • Apply the upholstery fabric, then attach to the boards at the bottom with a stapler.
  • Using a thin layer of foam, cover the sidewalls.
  • Sand the wide bars with sandpaper, use them as armrests.

Important! To prevent the product from dusting and rubbing, you can also sew a cloak or a special cover. To do this, you can use carpet and faux fur, which will make the furniture even more cozy and comfortable.

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Making a convertible sofa with your own hands

It is actually not difficult to make a convertible sofa with your own hands, but the benefits from it are obvious. With it, every square meter of living space will be used rationally, without violating comfort and coziness. To make such furniture is simple, the main thing is to draw up the correct drawings, prepare the necessary components and parts, then assemble them into one structure using carpentry tools.

Tools and materials for the manufacture of a sofa-transformer you will need are:

  • Boards from MDF 20 mm thick.
  • Durable plywood.
  • Hinges.
  • Furniture nails.
  • Screws.
  • Drill.
  • Circular saw.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Grinding area.
  • Pencil.
  • Roulette.

Before starting work, you should correctly draw up drawings and a project, indicate the number, types and sizes of all parts. In our case, the design will be a special base and a supporting box.

Step-by-step assembly of a transforming sofa

You must do the following to get a comfortable sofa-transformer:

  1. Take two carrier boards, connect them with screws, fasten the bottom with a transverse board. At the top, strengthen the strength of the structure with a transverse beam, install it, attach it to the side of the supporting racks. Place the same board in front of the box.
  2. Attach the side trim to the end of the transformer furniture using fasteners. Do the same with the top of the box.
  3. Fix the front rack of the transformer furniture to complete the installation of the base of the future sofa. First attach the transverse beam, then relative to it, install an end board on top of the box.
  4. Pre-strengthen the plywood sheet with vertical boards so that it does not bend, and then attach it to the box.
  5. From a strong sheet of plywood, which has triangular cross-sections on the sides, make the hinged part of the structure. Fasten the parts with a horizontal board at the end. As fasteners, self-tapping screws can be used.
  6. Connect both parts of the transformer furniture to each other.
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Stock footage

Remember, the key to success in the manufacture of do-it-yourself transformer furniture is correctly drawn up drawings and a high-quality rendering of all the elements. The main thing - do not doubt the success of the implementation of your idea, feel free to get down to business, do not stop in case of the slightest problems.

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