How to clean the sofa from stains 🥝 How to clean the upholstery and wash the fabric

Sofas are the most sought-after piece of furniture for arranging private houses and apartments. They sleep on it, rest, wrap themselves in a plaid and to all this, all pets jump on this subject. Children love to play it, jump, frolic and eat right there. After some time, the furniture upholstery loses its original and attractive appearance, then the question arises of how to clean it. Today we will consider such an option as cleaning upholstered furniture at home with vinegar and soda.

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Cleaning with soda and vinegar

One of the best and most harmless ways is to use vinegar and sodium bicarbonate. Such a tool will give a fresh look to old furniture that has lost its original color and acquired a smell.

The main advantage is that it is absolutely safe. It can be used in the house where there are children, allergies or asthmatics. Let's take a closer look at how to clean upholstered furniture at home with soda and vinegar.

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Prepare the surface

Before you start cleaning upholstered furniture with vinegar and soda, you must thoroughly clean it:

  • For this, an ordinary vacuum cleaner with any type of dust bag is suitable for you. The main condition is that its suction power is at least 350 watts.
  • If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, then an ordinary knocker will come to your aid. To do this, it is best to take the attribute of upholstered furniture to the street.
  • In addition to dusting, it is necessary to clean the sofa from pet hair. Use a brush with hard bristles, and you will forget about this problem for a long time.
  • If you have a steam cleaner in your home, then use it. Using this unit, you can clean the sofa from dust and ticks, which are often found in upholstered furniture, which has a pile of more than 8 mm.
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Preparation of a solution containing vinegar and soda

So, in order to clean upholstered furniture at home with vinegar and soda, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Take 200 ml of purified warm water.
  2. Add five tablespoons of nine percent plain vinegar.
  3. Add one tablespoon of washing powder and the same amount of sodium bicarbonate.
  4. The whole mixture will start to foam abundantly, so for this purpose you need to take a large bowl.
  5. Pour the whole mixture into a container with a spray or spray.

Important! To prepare this solution, it is not necessary to add powder. However, with the help of it your sofa will become cleaner and will have a pleasant smell.

If your sofa is textile and has a light shade, then you can add lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to this mixture. These two ingredients act as bleaches and give your sofa a lighter shade and remove all the stubborn stains.

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We clean a sofa

Cleaning upholstered furniture with vinegar and soda is necessary when there is still a reaction of interaction of these ingredients. You just need to spray the tool on the upholstery on all sides and immediately wipe it with a sponge. No need to wait until it dries, soaks or something else - all stains will be removed instantly.

Important! In no case do you need to pour sodium bicarbonate on the upholstery and pour vinegar with water. This will be a bad experience, which will lead to corrosion of the base material, and for a long time a white spot will remain on the surface, since all soda will not dissolve.

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We use only soda

When deciding how to clean a sofa at home with soda and vinegar, it is not necessary to purchase these two ingredients. If you have only soda available at home right now, that’s enough.

Important! The use of sodium bicarbonate is only suitable for those spots that have just appeared.

In order to eliminate this drawback, it is necessary:

  • pour sodium bicarbonate on the stain and leave for half an hour;
  • the rest of the product is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Important! Please note that you can only use units with an aquafilter or a plastic container. The use of various types of dust bags and HEPA filters is prohibited.

Another way to use soda is to use a solution of this substance in water. For this you need:

  • Take 300 milliliters of liquid from 100 grams of soda powder.
  • Mix it up.
  • Using a spray gun, spray the product onto the stain that has just formed.

Important! Despite the fact that this solution is white, it does not leave spots on the upholstery, and displays all the flaws in a matter of minutes.

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Vinegar application

Are you still thinking about how to clean upholstered furniture with soda and vinegar, without having sodium bicarbonate? There is always a way out! You can use vinegar.

Important! It is great for removing stains of fat, from wine, cigarette ash, blood and many other troubles.

Vinegar is poured into a spray bottle. “Puffing” in place of the spot - after a quarter of an hour, no trace remains. The only “minus” is that there is a characteristic odor that passes on its own after 3-4 hours. Unpleasant vinegar aroma can be eliminated with a vacuum cleaner.

Important! Vinegar with the highest acid content is most effective for stain removal. Therefore, if you have such an essence, it will perfectly cope with various spots.

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Recommendations for upholstered furniture

In order to resort to cleaning furniture at home as little as possible with soda, vinegar, powder, you should adhere to certain recommendations.

A few tips for caring for the sofa:

  • To buy a sofa is according to the part of the house in which you plan to put it.
  • No need to buy an interior item with light-colored upholstery for a home with large dogs.
  • After purchase, it is necessary to cover the upholstery with a divandek, bedspread or other similar product.
  • Do not eat while sitting on the couch.
  • Do not forget about cleaning. Periodically clean the upholstery using special products.
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Following our advice, you will rarely think about how to clean any item of your upholstered furniture. However, even if you have a stain, you can provide him with an ambulance using folk remedies.

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